Supply Metal & Plastic Containers for Industries


LAMAR snc was founded in 2007 to meet the needs of many consumers in cans and buckets for the industry that have the need to buy small quantities or out from their standard formats while maintaining a high quality.

Following the experience made in the field, working for years with leading companies in the production of metal cans, cans, plastic bottles and cans which rank among the highest quality standards in the segment of the containers, we can offer a wide range of formats that can meet the diverse needs of the customer by responding to both domestic and foreign regulations.

LAMAR snc is able to provide metal containers with 125 ml up to 30 liters capacity for the industry of mineral and synthetic oils, solvents, the coating product (for solvent based products and water-based products) and chemical, plastic containers from 125 ml to 20 liters, jerry cans from 5 liters to 25 liters approved, bottles and flasks.

All cans for paints with a water base are provided with a special ring retorted externally and double internal protective coating.

The diameter cans 109 and 165 can be supplied with closing lids 3T (Triple Tite) suitable to mixers for tinting.

The plastic jars can be transparent (from 125 ml to 1000 ml) or white (from 125 ml to 16 liters).

LAMAR snc sells containers but the customer provides quality and personalization with a product that is carefully controlled and selected.

The optimization of the service is achieved through the possibility of choice and speed of delivery and is supported by the optimal management of the finished products warehouse.

The possibility of not having quantitative constraints in ordering our products, the search for new solutions, the constant technological adaptation of our suppliers' systems and infrastructures, make LAMAR snc a point of reference in the specific sector of the general line.